The All Star Game is meant as a showcase of talent, period! It only started to count because of the 2002 ASG when the 73rd Midsummer Classic ended in a controversial tie! It ended in a 7-7 tie, after 11 innings, due to a shortage of available pitching!

The very next season, Bud Selig awarded home field advantage in the World Series. to the winner of this midseason showcase! This was to prevent ties!

This is one of Selig’s biggest mistakes! The simple fix would be for starters…don’t allow the 2002 ASG to end in a tie. If there was no more pitching, perhaps determine the winner in a mock home run derby. It is a fun showcase event, however!

Either way, the real fix was quite simply…to increase the roster size of both teams!!! THIS would ensure that there were enough players to finish. This would also help avoid the controversy of deserving players not making the roster!


I was at the last All Star Game, at the Old Yankee Stadium, in 2008! It went 14 innings, and both sides almost ran out of players…AGAIN!! To further compound this problem, Dan Uggla happened to have one of the worst games of his talented professional career. He made 6 errors and was a major reason why the A.L. was able to pull off the win! The entire National League should NOT be punished by the performance of one man, from another team…who wasn’t even going to make the playoffs!

Home field advantage should go to the team with the best overall record…period! That    is just common sense.

…speaking of common sense, our next article is about getting Pete Rose in to the Hall of Fame…but not back in to  coaching baseball! He cheated, so he shouldn’t be allowed back in the game! But no one can take away his numbers, and no one will probably ever touch them!