Coaches Clinics


WBclinicKeady Baseball Coaches Clinics
focusing on professional player development

  “My son has been involved with Mike Keady and Diamond Dreams Baseball since the spring of 2000. During the six months he has worked with the coach, his fastball has increased from 84 mph to 91 mph and we’re hoping to get to 95. The pitching techniques my son has learned, has completely eliminated any arm trouble he experienced in the past. Together, their goal is to get him drafted in the near future. I have attended many of their work sessions and Coach Keady is always focused and upbeat and inspires his players to work hard and improve. He takes the development of each player personally and even follows up to ensure they achieved the highest level of success. Coach Keady is well rounded; teaching pitching, hitting and fielding with players of any age and level. I have used Coach Keady with my 8-10 year olds and have seen great improvement. As a result, Wellington, Florida youth baseball has decided to use Coach Keady as a part of their coach’s clinics in the future. Coach Keady’s camps and clinics are the best I have attended. They beat the Ken Griffey International group hands down. I highly recommend the coach to anyone who wants to learn and improve their game.” 
Mike B. Coach, Wellington Youth Baseball

Perfect Practice Planning 

Coaches Clinic- One full day of instruction and drill work with the coach’s participation. Clinics include and require limited active participation from the coaches. Clinics will also include a first hand instructional walk-through with the coaches. We will randomly choose a few local players that are unfamiliar with the program, and teach them the Keady Baseball approach, demonstrating its immediate and long-term benefits. Clinics are thorough and informative in all phases of the game, including mechanics, practice routines, drills for improvement and more.

  • 1Day / 1week practice routines
  • Keady Baseball Throwing Program
  • Professional Approach to Hitting 
  • Offensive Strategy
  • Game Preparation
  • Establishing an effective Mental Approach
  • Strength & Conditioning Program
  • Keady Baseball Hitting & Pitching Drills
  • Defensive Drills for every position 


Baseball is not merely won or lost on the battlefield, it’s won or lost on the practice field
                                                                                                                                                 Coach Mike