How a Tuxedo Saved a Career

by Kevin Czerwinski

Nate Bump

2003 MLB World Champion

“Before I met Mike Keady I was a good pitcher but I had poor mechanics and I had no control. Scouts would say that my mechanics were very bad and that my arm action was “violent.” After one session with coach Mike I already saw the difference. Now after working with him for merely two months I have improved my control immensely and my mechanics are much better, plus my arm action has improved drastically and I now throw effortless and pain-free. When scouts saw me pitch after working with coach Mike they thought I was a different player. Also my velocity is higher.
Before working with coach Mike I couldn’t break 88, but then in an outing after my third session with Mike I topped out at 92 mph.
In only two months Mike Keady has done for me what nobody else could do for two years. He totally rejuvenated me and I thank him for it.” 

Chris Munn St. Thomas Aquinas H.S.-2002
Drafted #28 by the New York Mets-2002
Full Scholarship to Manatee C.C.-2002

Chris Munn


“The experience my son and I had at your camp in Florida was fantastic in all regards! Your stress on fundamentals, mechanics, proper technique and attention to detail were precisely what we had hoped for. As importantly, it was all provided in a background of positive, constructive comments. As a surgeon teaching in an academic medical center, I found many parallels between your focus on repetition, and technical precision with what I try to teach surgeons-in-training in the operating room. My only regret is that we didn’t have more time to spend there working with you.         I feel certain that any player dedicated to following your approach to technique would fully maximize their potential as a baseball player, and likely progress farther than they might imagine, whether it be in hitting, pitching, fielding or any other aspect of the game!” 

“I wanted to thank you for all that you did these past two days to make our stay an enjoyable and productive one.         I’ll be the first to say that I was a little uncertain of what to expect as we headed down to Florida. It was a little like arranging an Internet marriage where as we were flying down I had a few thoughts like “what in the world are we doing investing this much in a guy we know absolutely nothing about?”         Having said that I was very impressed by our phone conversations and thought at worst it would be helpful instruction in sunny weather.         Anyway, what I saw there was totally impressive in every regard!         Your stress on fundamentals, mechanics, technique, and positive approach were precisely what I had hoped for. My only regret now is that we didn’t have more time to spend there or that you don’t live any closer to Iowa.”Stay in touch and I will do the same.

Dr. John Lawrence M.D. Iowa City, Iowa

Dr. John Lawrence

Coach Mike has been my pitching coach for three years now. In those three years, I have progressed greatly. Before I worked with Mike, I had arm pain. After I worked with Mike a few times, I had no arm pain and to this day still do not. Mike has worked not only on mechanics with me, but also the mental aspect of the game and how to get into a batter’s head and throw what is unexpected. He has also shown me how to look for flaws in the hitters and to take advantage of them. Because of Mike, I am still pitching today and throwing upper 80’s and topping at 90 effortlessly. Mike is why I am where I am today.
Tommy Wynn-Sophomore Saint Thomas
 Aquinas H.S. Fort Lauderdale, FL

Tommy Wynn

“Tommy has learned proper mechanics and gained valuable advice from the Mental Approach to Pitching. Thanks to your Professional individualized Instruction and positive reinforcement Tommy is gaining confidence in all aspects of his game.” 
Rhyia W. Pompano Beach, FL.

Rhyia Wynn

My son, Donny Jobe II, has been working with Coach Mike Keady of Diamond Dreams for the past two years on his player development skills. Several parents from his high school have inquired as to whom Donny has seen for his skills. He also has some major colleges such as: University of Miami, Yale and University of Florida looking at him since working with Coach Mike. Also, some pro teams like the Kansas City Royals and Philadelphia Phillies. Since Donny has been working with Coach Mike on a regular basis, it has allowed his arm to become stronger and his bat speed has increased for power. He has become more confident in his games. I would recommend Coach Mike Keady’s program to anybody that is serious about learning baseball skills at any level. 

Don Jobe Sr. Sebastian, Florida

Don Jobe Sr.

“Coach Mike is a very knowledgeable Baseball figure who is a great asset to my game. He brings to the field a terrific attitude and an in depth knowledge of the game.” 
Rob Pregnolato Milwaukee Brewers 

Rob Pregnolato

“Mike helped Brandon in his fielding, throwing and hitting. Coach Mike is very knowledgeable in all phases of the game. Brandon’s mechanics in all three areas were improved. Baserunning was also covered and some new information received. I’m presently a Teacher, Coach and Athletic Director and I would give Coach Mike a grade of A+” 
Wayne S. Sebastian, FL.

Wayne Sims

“Coach Mike is the best! Never before has my son received such genuine attention from a coach. Mike’s enthusiasm, tireless efforts and obvious expertise had such a profound effect that I could see visible changes in my son’s confidence. Coach Keady also taught my son how to tap into the mental aspects of the game. I only wish he could work with my son all the time. Working with Coach Keady is money well-spent.” 
Michelle Y. Midland, TEXAS

Michelle Yost

After pitching professional baseball and working with other professional pitching coaches, there is no comparison to the way you break the game down. I would like to take this opportunity to Thank You for all the lessons that have improved the many aspects of my pitching. The cumulative effect of your teaching routines can turn into huge improvements for pitchers of all ages. I can’t believe how much improvement I have personally achieved. From the speed and movement on my fastball, the movement on my change-up, a curveball that drops off a table and pick off moves to all bases. Your program covers all the areas of pitching preparation. With a coach that inspires and motivates you, it was easy to make the commitment to your perfect practice drills and weekly lessons. Recently, I made the trip to Tampa Bay to throw at a tryout where I topped speeds of 92 mph with great movement and location on my fastballs and change-up. Not to mention a quality breaking pitch. The tips you gave me worked wonders. Not only are my fastballs running a lot better, my curveball is nasty and my already good control has gotten even better. Thanks to You! I greatly appreciate the chance to work with you and would recommend your instruction to players at all levels to improve the quality of their pitching mechanics and all the benefits that come along with a violence free pitching motion. After all I am living proof. Thank You! 
Tracy Valentine Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Tracy Valentine

“The tips you gave me worked wonders. Not only are my fastballs running a lot better, my curveball is nasty and my already good control has gotten even better. Thanks to You!”

Tracy V.
Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

Tracy Valentine

“My son has been involved with Mike Keady and Diamond Dreams Baseball since the spring of 2000. During the six months he has worked with the coach, his fastball has increased from 84 mph to 91 mph and we’re hoping to get to 95. The pitching techniques my son has learned, has completely eliminated any arm trouble he experienced in the past. Together, their goal is to get him drafted in the near future. I have attended many of their work sessions and Coach Keady is always focused and upbeat and inspires his players to work hard and improve. He takes the development of each player personally and even follows up to ensure they achieved the highest level of success. Coach Keady is well rounded; teaching pitching, hitting and fielding with players of any age and level. I have used Coach Keady with my 8-10 year olds and have seen great improvement. As a result, Wellington, Florida youth baseball has decided to use Coach Keady as a part of their coach’s clinics in the future. Coach Keady’s camps and clinics are the best I have attended. They beat the Ken Griffey International group hands down. I highly recommend the coach to anyone who wants to learn and improve their game.” 
Mike B. Coach, Wellington Youth Baseball

Mike Burkhart

Last night Brian was the starting pitcher for the first time since he started taking lessons from you and did he deliver the goods! In 4 full innings, he struck out 10 batters!!! To say he was elated is putting it mildly. The other team only had 2 hits against him. Not bad for a first timer! Per your instructions, he only pitched fastballs and change-ups. His speed has easily improved from the techniques you taught him as well as his accuracy. But more important, none of his pitching was done with any arm strain. He was about as fresh in the 4th inning as he was in the 1st. Thanks again for all your help. 

Best regards, Jim M. W.P.B., FL

Jim Multack

Our three sons have been training with Diamond Dreams Baseball for almost a year now, and they have made tremendous gains in their abilities on the field. Our oldest son was previously experiencing arm pain that would prevent him from training and ultimately set him back. Coach Mike’s work with him has given him the tools he needs to throw with proper mechanics, throw hard, and make consistent gains in strength and accuracy. Diamond Dreams, and Mike Keady, have equipped our sons with the mechanics they need and the mental confidence to apply it, to go as far as they want in their baseball careers. 

Tracy Bussey West Palm Beach, FL

Tracy Bussey

Just a note to let you know how gratified we are with the progress that you have initiated with our son William. William is a 14-year-old pitcher working to move up the baseball ladder of effectiveness. Mike, your assessment of William’s strengths and weaknesses, along with corrective exercises and throwing mechanics regimens, have improved his Pony League and Pony League travel team effectiveness substantially. We look forward to continuing the improvement under your tutelage this season. As we discussed, we are keeping a video record month to month of the mechanics, which we will share with you again soon. It was certainly our good fortune meeting you at your impressive Coaches Clinic this spring.

 Sincerely, Richard K. Wellington, FL

Richard K.