Player Representation

mkKeady Baseball has come a long way since its inception in 1989! This all started in my senior year of high school, when I was being recruited for baseball. I quickly realized the void in the recruiting process. Keady Baseball (formerly Diamond Dreams Scouting & Recruiting) was initially created to help fill this void. In the off season of my freshman year in College, I went from throwing 95 miles per hour, to destroying my shoulder, and could barely touch 73 m.p.h. This happened by poor mechanics, and overuse through poor coaching. It was through the journey of my injury that I realized what they were teaching was wrong, and actually caused most of these unnecessary injuries! Keady Baseball was becoming more than just scouting and recruiting. It was now more about professional player development. It was after working in Player Development & Scouting with the Montreal Expos, and then Coaching Palm Beach Atlantic University to it’s first winning season and a national top 10 ranking, that I decided to open this school instead of coaching a pitching philosophy in the minor leagues, that I didn’t agree with.
  It was through the development of players and top prospects, through Keady Baseball, that families saw immediate and unparalleled results, that they began approaching me to offer a percentage of future MLB contracts.

  Not only can I help a player avoid or recover from injury, I can help before a problem occurs. As has been the case with dozens of players, I predicted the injury of Masahiro Tanaka, and documented it to MLB World Series Champion, All Star player, MLB Network Analyst, and my friend,…Cliff Floyd! Tanaka’s injury was avoidable. As are SO many!!! I can fix that before a player falls to the almost inevitable reality of needing surgery!
  I realized that I was involved in every aspect of their game from the baseball development, to the mental and physical aspect, right through to the business side of contacting and negotiating with MLB teams.
It was through this journey that I realized I was actually more than an agent! I specialize in the player development aspect of the game, and have evolved well beyond!
  I have spoken with team Owners and General Managers, and Scouts and Coaches of every level!
Keady Baseball is now a fully comprehensive baseball school, that can take a player from the development stages right through to the Major League process, which we have done!

  Contact us today, to discuss with me personally, how we may help you through this Major League journey!

Respectfully yours,


Coach Mike Keady