Hello, I am respectfully reaching out to your organization in the hopes of helping the pitchers. I was at the game in Miami this year on May 31, where Blake Snell pitched. It was at this time that I documented that there are two more potential arm injuries on your staff. One in particular was Joe Musgrove. I predicted Musgrove’s shoulder earlier in the season, based on his mechanics. He does the same thing I did, when I was throwing mid to high 90’s my College freshman summer. Musgrove can return after a few weeks, but that doesn’t fix the source of the problem.
It can be fixed very easily, and very quickly. Not only will his arm pain be gone, but he will have better velocity, effortlessly! Also better spin rates, and even filthier off speed stuff!
Another injury I predicted was Yu Darvish, and potentially, Blake Snell.

The bottom line is that the ball slows down out of hand. It NEVER speeds up. It immediately slows down, and would eventually roll to a stop. Therefore, your arm speed equals your velocity! Actually, a little bit faster, since the ball starts slowing down upon release, and velocity is measured at the plate. Whatever the glove side shoulder does determines what the arm side does. A player like Joe Musgrove stops his glove, forcing all the effort on the arm. The problem is when he stops his glove, the arm hits a wall at the speed of the velocity, causing it to carry the rest of the load by itself! You can see on most pitches, Joe hits his glove with his pitching arm. This is a kinetic break in the chain of fluidity and power. Furthermore, when his high speed arm hits his glove that has stopped, it recoils violently…until the rotator eventually falls off the shoulder! By finishing his glove side ALL THE WAY THROUGH, it allows the arm to fully finish the pitch, allowing it to decelerate, effortlessly! The secondary result is by finishing the pitch all the way through, it will create an even more explosive pitch, again, effortlessly. This creates much better spin rates, resulting in higher velocity, and tighter off speed stuff!

Nate Bump, 2003 World Series Champion with the Florida Marlins, came to me with extreme arm pain at 40 feet. Within a half hour, his pain was gone…and never returned for the rest of his journey. Here is an article referring to his story, and a video below from MLB Network.

I am respectfully asking for an opportunity to meet with you, and any Player Development personnel, to discuss how to help. I haven’t even touched on what happens to the elbow. What would it hurt to simply hear what I have to say!? Especially since it would help avoid countless arm injuries in your organization! That, I guarantee!

Here are a couple pitchers that I predicted their arm injuries.

JOE MUSGROVE – SHOULDER – Watch the violence in his arm upon release, causing the recoil.

Joe Musgrove Strikes Out 5 in 5 Innings! | San Diego Padres | 5/7/2023
Joe Musgrove Strikes Out 7 in 6 Innings! | San Diego Padres | 7/18/2023
Joe Musgrove Strikes Out 6 in 5 Innings! | San Diego Padres | 4/22/2023
Padres Joe Musgrove Slow Motion Mechanics and Pitch Grips
Joe Musgrove & Co. strike out 14 Marlins 8.9.21 (YOU DON’T SEE HIS GLOVE ONCE)


Yu Darvish @yudarvish Bullpen- Petco Park July 8, 2021

I also see the same breakdown with Blake Snell, although he is having a phenomenal year.


Blake Snell Slow Motion Pitching Mechanics (1st Base Side View)

Another notable injury that could be fixed by the same mechanical adjustment…


Several of the greats do this very thing, which is how I have been able to successfully predict their specific arm injuries. Most recently, players like Jacob deGrom, Justin Verlander, and Max Scherzer. 

Two pitchers with flawless mechanics, are two pitchers that used their glove side to bring their arm side through! Roger Clemens, and Josh Beckett early in his career.

Roger Clemens Pitching Mechanics
2003 NLCS Gm7: Beckett goes four innings in relief


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September 5, 2023