This presentation for Ms. Kim Ng is a brief, yet telling breakdown of the pitchers in Jupiter, over the last couple of Spring Training games 2023. My name is Mike Keady and I own Keady Baseball. I am most proud of the fact that there has not been one arm injury in my program-ever! I help players eliminate arm pain, immediately… avoiding injury and surgery, while maximizing results. This happens by using the entire body to take the stress off the arm!

It was an honor to meet you the other day, Ms. Ng, and I am sorry we didn’t have time for a proper introduction. I am hoping for an opportunity to present my philosophy to yourself, and any other player development personnel…and then help the pitchers.

I own a baseball school here locally where I work with Major League players down to the Little Leaguers. I was with the Montreal Expos in Player Development & Scouting and went on to create my school when I realized a glaring difference in my philosophy, regarding the physics of the mechanics! I confronted the modern pitching philosophy after I went through a career ending shoulder injury, after throwing in the mid to high 90’s as a college freshman. I realized the mechanics were actually contributing to the arm injuries, and that is when I started my baseball school.

I have worked with 2003 Florida Marlins World Series Champion, Nate Bump. He was retired for two years, after three labral surgeries. He had severe arm pain when we met, and it was gone that day. Sixty workouts later, I got him signed to the San Francisco Giants, as a starter! He beat the Houston Astros A team the following Spring Training.

How a Tuxedo Saved a Career | Keady Baseball

I can help these pitchers in one bullpen session, and it will improve location, maximize velocity and spin rate…effortlessly, and eliminate arm pain and injury!


Braxton Garrett- no extension
Braxton Garrett- ZERO extension
Braxton Garrett – lazy curveball, missing on arm side. No tight break or depth.
Braxton Garrett not finishing through his pitch. Wanted away…missed way outside.
Braxton Garrett – CB in the dirt…rushed hand separation, didn’t get on top, and spiked a CB in the dirt.
Braxton Garrett – Missing arm side.
Braxton Garrett not driving glove, no extension, missing arm side.

Braxton Garrett missing way up in the zone.


Trevor Rogers missing away, arm side.
Trevor Rogers missing arm side on a FB
Trevor Rogers – lazy CB missing arm side.
Trevor Rogers missing away, arm side.
Trevor Rogers – no glove drive, no extension…missing arm side.
Trevor Rogers missing away, arm side.
Trevor Rogers’ last bullpen pitch, missing arm side.
Trevor Rogers missing away…arm side.


Matt Barnes – no glove, missing arm side.


Garcia missing way up, arm side.
Garcia warming up, missing arm side.
Garcia wanted to go away, but missed way outside, arm side.
Garcia – no glove drive, missing arm side.
Garcia not finishing through his pitches, missing arm side.


Dylan Floro – no glove, missing high.
Dylan Floro – no glove drive, missing arm side.


Brady Puckett missing arm side on an off-speed pitch.